Brief 1: 2013 – D&AD


PROJECT 1: D&AD BRIEF (10% weighting of final mark)
NAVIGATORS: Clint Griffin, Graham Downing & Steve Kotze
BRIEFING DATE: Monday 11/02/2011
DEADLINE: Monday 11/03/2011 before 9:30

Find briefs here

Choose from:


  • Ted Baker – campaign to bring a bit of ‘Britain’ to new TB stores worldwide.
  • Batiste – 4 new graphic identities & fragrances – dry shampoo
  • Nissan/Interbrand – new lifestyle sub-brand
  • BBC – make its online interesting
  • Yamaha – global digital campaign for all products
  • V&A – develop a hoarding to go around construction site
  • D&AD Make Your Mark – your own creative pitch
  • DOH/DARE – motivate children to exercise
  • Unilever – create a positive social environmental impact
  • It’s Nice That – a campaign to engage its audience
  • Dazed & Confused – a portrait of contemporary youth
  • You can choose another if you motivate properly

Task 1:
Go and do your research on each brand, find the one or two you want to work on and present a motivation and possible direction to your class in the 1:5 slot in week 1. This is an ICE task. Consult your timetable for your slot.
Powerpoint-style is expected.

NB: You can schedule a time during the week to discuss this but presentations are expected in your slot. This means that no-one can be prejudiced if your slot is later in the week. Presentations are for you and the class to engage and share ideas and possible solutions.

Short Reading here
Aesthetics of Joy

After the hand-in, navigators will select the entries into D&AD, so that there is enough time to tweak and craft the selected projects in time to upload by 20 March.

During this project the students have to engage in the following:

Viscom specific outcomes:

  • The ability to effectively solve a “real-life” brand challenge.
  • Have an understanding of advanced conceptualization techniques.
  • Be able to give examples of communication campaigns and industry practitioners that challenged the norms and effectively solved the brand problem.
  • Be able to conceptualize communication solutions that challenge the norms in brand communications.
  • Be able to demonstrate thorough research that informed innovative strategic and creative solutions.
  • Be able to demonstrate at least 10 initial concepts through scamps that would solve the brand problem.
  • Execute on a professional level, at least three (3) brand contact points whilst maintaining visual and conceptual synergy.

Copy specific outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct and interpret research to inform communications solutions within the field of copywriting
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply advanced, integrated conceptual thinking within the field of copywriting
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce professionally crafted projects within the field of copywriting
  • Demonstrate the ability to conceptualise and write copy for a range of contact points within the field of copywriting

Demonstrate the ability to effectively function in a multi-disciplinary brand communications team.


D&AD – home of the talented and skilled, the imaginative and the curious, the restless and the bloody- minded. Commercially savvy, sometimes romantic, often cynical and occasionally rather weird. A source of information and ideas: of professional development, support and inspiration, interesting people to talk and nice things to look at.

The D&AD Awards

The annual D&AD Awards are recognized throughout the world. They set the absolute reference standard for creative excellence. A yellow pencil on your desk will get gasps of admiration. And a black pencil?  Well, they’ll probably erect a statue of you in the town square.

The D&AD Student Awards

76% of graduating winners walk into a job or placement in less than 3 months.

Winning a D&AD Student Award truly marks you out as one of the best. Creatives the world over value D&AD Awards above any other. They are regarded as the benchmark for creativity, the Student Awards included.

The profile and opportunities that success within the programme brings cannot be underestimated:

  • Your work will be featured on the winners section of this site viewed by over 10,000 creatives a month and will then go on to be featured in the online Archive.
  • All nominated work will be featured in the Book of Nominations and promoted extensively to the industry all around the world.
  • All prizewinners have the right to use an exclusive D&AD Pencil Mark after their name.

Finally, if you succeed in hooking one of the top prizes you will receive the coveted Student Yellow Pencil along with all that goes with it:

  • a chance to stand out from your peers
  • gain respect from the worldwide creative community

See it as less of a foot in the door than kicking it in.

Whatever brief you choose, and whatever the D&AD brief requirement, please note that for this Unit Objectives, you have to hand in THREE brand contact points – for example: a print ad, an outdoor ad and a pack.

For further research, information and the necessary logos check out:

You will have to complete at least 2 ICE tasks in this unit:

  1. an in-class concept presentation in Week 1.
  2. an in-class black and white full-size mock-up presentation in Week 3.

You might want to include the following in your concept presentation:

  • Research Insights – not just a rehash of your Wikipedia research!
  • Target Market Insights – not just LSM’s but key insights into buying behaviour, fears, aspirations etc.
  • Clearly articulated brand positioning – where you want the brand to stand in the mind of your target market
  • Communication objective – why are you communicating – launch, brand awareness, fund raising etc
  • Creative Concept Winner

And the two runner-up concepts. (explain why)


You can work in a 1 Copywriter / 1VisCom team – no two Copy or two VisCom teams allowed. Otherwise you work alone. 


The ‘Deliverables’ section in each D&AD brief tells you how to format your work and must be followed to ensure your work is accepted for entry.

  • Executions printed and mounted or on CD as per D&AD brief deliverables
  • Typed strategy statement
  • Typed rationale
  • Process Book
  • Labeled disk with strategy statement, rationale and executions as one PDF.

Download rubric here

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